Frequently Asked Questions
Can you freeze the meals?

Meals are completely fine to be frozen, they would just have to be defrosted before cooking.

Are your meals halal?

Yes, all meals are halal.

Do we deliver?

We do deliver. Currently we are only delivering around Sheffield, England. If you are outside of this region, you can get in contact and we will see what we can do.

What's the order deadline?

Order deadlines are every Tuesday and Saturday at 1am. Meals will then be prepared cooked and delivered shortly after.

Is there a menu rotation?

Our menu is rotated every few months based on popularity. That means your favourite dishes should always be in stock, and there's always new options to try out.

Can I choose my macros?

Under custom meal builder you can select the perfect dish for you, fitting your macro goals perfectly.

Do we cater to dietary requirements?

For catering services, please let us know and we can cater to any dietary requirements. For anyone looking to have food picked up/delivered, please get in contact for any specific requests.

What type of meals are there?

We make sure to keep a range of meals on our menu at all times, that should be perfect for both lunches and dinner. Check out our menu section, or the custom meal builder for more information.

Is it a one time order?

Purchasing through the menu tab will be a one time order, yes. If you're looking for repeat orders, you can schedule this under our subscriptions tab.

Are meals customizable?

Under custom meal builder, you have complete free reign to create a meal that's perfect for you.

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